Elliott Dean Self Evaluation



Self Evaluation



STUDENT NAME: Elliott Dean

With reference to the Learning Outcomes for the Unit write a summary or bullet point list of what you consider to be:

The key achievements of your work on the unit (maximum 100 words):

  • (eventually) Enthusiasm about the project, which hopefully lead to a passionate piece of storytelling
  • Working so directly with audio was something I had not done before, so I think the format of the end work is an achievement.

The most useful things that you learnt (maximum 100 words)

  • To me, you have to care about what you are do – you have to be strongly and un-ironically passionate about what you’re working
  • Nobody has to care or be interested in your work; if you want people to care, you have to give them a reason to. Following on from the first point, it’s much easier to get someone excited about your project if you are to
  • Not all the ideas you pick up now will be useful right now, so it’s good to keep them accessible for a little ways down the road

The issues that you found challenging and how you set about overcoming them (maximum 100 words)

  • It felt at times like I was just going through the motions, and I found it difficult to care. This fundamentally affects every aspect of the project, not least telling others about it, whether that’s classmates, tutors, or potential audiences

List what you now consider to be the main areas for development that you intend to focus on in the next unit? (maximum 100 words)

  • ¬†I absolutely have to plan my time better, and that includes other commitments outside the course and not overburdening myself.
  • I’d really like to involve others in the creation stage of the project. I really want to explore working with voice, especially strongly accented voice. I like the idea of a collective as well.
  • Just keep being curious