Research: A Prarie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion has been on seemingly forever. I first came across it when it used to be played on Radio 4 at odd times, usually late into the night, perhaps it’s still on.

His voice, that of Garrison Keillor is hypnotic, soothing, and iconic.

What’s wonderful about it is how lasting it has been, created and hosted by the same man since 1974, no doubt thanks to its formula; inoffensive yet compelling cockamamie tidbits within a reliable and quickly familiar setting – that is Lake Wobegon. Any mention of the show conjures instantly the words in that familiar deep voice “the news from Lake Wobegon”.

What I got this from this:

  • What I take most from this though is that it’s okay to just keep on producing seemingly stodgy content, especially on the radio. It has its place. It can be noble work. Not everything has to be cynical or bold or ruthless. Sometimes, you can just make the familiar. It’s inclusive, not divisive, and that’s something I want in my work. To bring people together, not create controversy.