I suppose it is very important not only to reference and be authentic about what/who inspires you, but also to seek out inspiration.

In that vain, I found an excellent short graphic novel called ‘The last days in the life of Vincent van Gogh’ Cover.jpg

[side-note: Isn’t it interesting that people will go out of their way to pronounced the gh in Gogh as ‘Go(hrr)’ but won’t follow the other Dutch pronunciation rule making it ‘van Hrokhr’]

It was published by Avery Hill Publishing as part of their ‘Last Days of Nobodies’ series.

The graphic style is intoxicating and sublime, the typography masterfully worked into the frame.


It’s beautifully melancholic, it speaks directly to the saddest part of me and leaves my conscious mind out of it.

I can see that I will need this book, crave its insights and style.

Thank you, Avery Hill, thank you.