PBS Idea Channel has long been on my radar, and I have been an avid fan of the philosophy of the show, the host Mike, and the unapologetically silly yet serious mantra that it subscribes to.

Here, in the show’s penultimate episode, you can see everything great that the show was and is; Quick witted, analytical, humorous, clad freely with images and gifs, accessible, free and meaty.

If I could achieve 1/10th of this I would be happy.





Colour Grading

One are of photography which has always truly captivated me was the editing. It struck me as amazing what one could do, and the considerations one had to balance – the editing styles for different applications and how fundamentally the edit could affect the feel of the image.

I realise (I think) that I am not so much interested in still images, however, I think I know a perfect application for this skill and interest – colour grading for film.


Post Grading:

Post Edit

Honestly, the feel I really want is a mix of the later with pinches of the former – however, I’ve used these two images to demonstrate the transformative ability of editing.