Final Piece: Installation


I sketched and talked through several techniques for building the walls of the space with technicians. With their input, I decided on a two flat right angle structure with extra timber for bars as support. The particular way in which it was built required no drilling into the masonry, as the back wall was supported by being wedged in by the second flat which intersected it, and the second wall was drilled into a support timber, which itself was wedged and drilled into the first flat.

(instert sketch here)



The acoustic foam worked like a charm, although at first a few of the squares were falling off overnight, though this was soon rectified by a stickier brand of carpet tape and topped off by adhesive glue. This worked much better.

After originally planning on utilising the strip lights within the room and affixing baking or tracing paper over the gap between the top of the flat and the ceiling to diffuse the light, I decided to try and purchase a light externally. I needed a clip-on lamp to clip onto the top of the flat which could be adjusted to point in the right direction. I also didn’t want the spread of the light to be too wide as this would hamper the experience for the audience.
I bought 2 bulbs of different lumens and colour balance (strength and warmth) to try out in the space, eventually opting for the warmer and less powerful of the two to create a more secluded atmosphere.

An issue I encountered was trying to keep the light and the sound from the outside corridor from leaking into the space. For the light, I landed on a curtain, which was black fabric hung from the ceiling two layers thick.
The sound that leaked in was possibly a larger issue, although it was reduced fairly significantly if the door remained closed, therefore for the degree show opening, I will affix a sign to the door asking for it to be kept closed, and that only one person should enter the space at a time.

If I had the budget or time, I would like to have been able to fully soundproof the room, although this was not possible on this occasion. Having the audience wear headphones as opposed to playing the sound through speakers does more strongly enforce the distinction between listener and outside world, with less sound leaking out, and less ambient sound heard by the listener themselves.


(instert final image here)