Thought: A Good Voice

In watching ‘My Scientology Movie’, beyond all the fraught tensions, and the complex psychological manipulation – there is one thing that interested me in particular – good actors.

Work with good actors, especially focus on the voice. The voice is the most important thing to a good actor.

PPD: Planning our Greenfields Nursery Visit to Wimbledon

Rosie approached me to participate in a long-standing collaboration with a primary school near Ealing. She said during our first group meeting about it that it was because of my skills in organising events.

The discussion we had between the four of us, Rosie, Panama, Florie and myself, was interesting and focused on coming up with what to do on the day that the children come to Wimbledon. Panama and Rosie had already talked about the notion of play, so my suggestion was to create some sort of system – a framework to facilitate open exploration. I mentioned board games, Rosie adding that mathematics is a big focus of learning objectives all through this age group – I responded that one of the most compelling ways to learn about maths is to have a specific application for it.

I remember a project that I got put forward to do when I was at a school called ‘Operation Monserrat’ which was exactly that. We, as the 20/25 or so schoolchildren, were put in charge of the island of Montserrat, as it was about to experience a Monsoon. We collectively had to facilitate the emergency response, with small group and pairs working on different areas. Curtis and I were tasked with analysing and sharing the satellite imagery with the rest of the group. There was a man on Skype that the Comms team were constantly talking to – and I remember one point when our feed went down, a preplanned part of the game, we had to go to them and explain the problem, only then did he provide us with a new URL.

I’d really like to create an experience like this.