Research: Sponsored Youtube Channels

This is a video on Fibre Optic Cables – but note first that it’s not titled as such.

It’s titled with a playful, and almost, I would argue, very internet specific phraseology (think ” I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER?”).

The channel, Nat and Lo, was sponsored content on my youtube homepage about a month ago, and the intro video piqued my interest, so I subscribed. Ever since, I’ve always been slightly interested in the videos, but never enough to actually watch them, either down to mindset at the time, or perhaps hesitation at jumping on another new boat. That makes this video one of the first videos with actual content in that I’ve watched.

A couple of things I think are important here:

  1. Google seems to have either commissioned, or sponsored these two to produce content, if this video is anything to go by, about Google itself, or related topics

1.1 Google purchased Youtube a little while ago

2. The editing and graphics used are very playful, and she casts herself early on as a learner, putting herself in the exact same position as the audience.

3. Everything is very neatly integrated Рrelated videos are alluded to with title cards and clickable links, the comments are often by people with, what seems like, tied in Google+ accounts, including the expert and Google employee Vijay Vusirikala

4. The expert! Nat here has access to, and therefore has frontlined an expert in the field she’s talking about as a central character in the video, keeping a sense of humble curiosity for herself.

The whole video feels very slick